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Our Latest Product
Armband for Iphone 6, 6S and Iphone 7 - For Running, Sports and Workout - LED Lights, Sweatproof, Touch Sensitive, Key Holder - Black

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  • CELL PHONE ACCESSORY FOR RUNNERS OR ANY OTHER WORKOUT ADDICTS. Don't get distracted anymore and focus on your workouts instead. Listen to your favorite mp3, radio stations or run fitness app with our MODERN armband. Ideal for running, hiking, jogging, cycling, doing crossfit or any other workout activity. DESIGNED for IPhone 6, but also compatible with 6S/4/4S/5/5C/5S Models. NEW, also compatible with IPhone 7, but please note that touch screen functionallity won't work.
  • DON'T SETTLE FOR ANYTHING SHORT OF PREMIUM QUALITY. Our premium LED iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 Armband combines an ultra-durable, sweatproof NEOPRENE armband with convenient KEY HOLDER, easy touch operation and ultra bright LED for LOW LIGHT VISIBILITY. The PREMIUM SOFT MATERIAL secures comfort and ensures protection that won't irritate your skin. FULLY SWEAT PROOF.
  • ALWAYS COUNT ON OPTIMAL SECURITY FOR YOUR PHONE. Forget cheap iPhone 6 or 7 armbands, our LED Armband is designed with modern high visibility LED lights with 3 LED illumination modes, reliable, flickering and flashing, for ULTRA-SAFE, small light OUTDOOR WORKOUTS.
  • TOUCH SENSITIVE PANEL is designed with an extra-large and a highly visible clear front that won't distort your iPhone 7's premium HD screen while offering full touch functionality for easy operation without removing our Armband. Suitable for virtually all arm sizes, our Armband is designed with a convenient, fully ADJUSTABLE VELCRO STRAP allowing you to adjust the armband securely to fit your arm without slipping or sliding as is often the case with the cheaper armbands.
  • ORDER NOW and be rest assured that you are getting the right ARMBAND FOR YOUR IPHONE.
armband premium materials

Premium Material

We've applied latest standards to produce skin safe product from top quality materials. Outside material is 100% waterproof and durable on wide temperature ranges. Inside material is made from soft Neoprene which features total comfort, no slipping effects and full sweat proof.

armband led lights

LED Lights

8 green LED lights are implemented inside the product to make any activity done in low light conditions ULTRA secure.
3 Flashing Modes available (Max, Flash and S.O.S.).

armband features

Additional Features

- Key Holder Pocket included for a house or locker key.
- Protective Screen Cover offering total safety for your glass with full touch functionality.
- Fully ADJUSTABLE VELCRO STRAP, which makes this Armband suitable for any arm size.

Infinitive Usage

Mobile phones have become part of us. Here are some of activities in which having an mobile armband would help you act without any distraction: running, hiking, cycling, jogging, doing crossfit or any other workout activity you can imagine.

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Customer Reviews

- Matt

I received my armband in the mail yesterday. I was pretty excited about the timing as I was planning a long run early this morning.

The timing was impeccable!I ran for 10.5 miles this morning and was VERY impressed with how your product performed! The primary thing I like the most about it include:

a. The comfort. I’ve tried multiple bands in the past, none of which have fit my bicep size and shape quite like this one did. There wasn’t any rubbing or chafing which was quite a pleasant surprise.
b. The plastic screen protector still allows me to navigate my iPhone through the screen, what a novel concept! 😉
c. The LED lights work great! When I run at 5:00 a.m. here in Nebraska, it’s quite common the only lights I’m seeing are from the stars and moon. I’ve been carrying a small light in my hand that is meant to clip on the bill of your hat as my source of light up until today, what a great change!
d. Although I’ve only used the band once, it appears to be very well constructed. The stitching and material used seem very quality, I’m not anticipating any issues with it falling apart on me anytime soon.

I love the personal touch provided on the inserted note in the package and the follow-up email. Fantastic customer report.

Bottom line, again, while it’s early, my initial thoughts are I’m going to be very pleased with my purchase for a long time to come. Well, worth the money I spent for it!

Thanks for the quality product and the reach out. I’ll be sure to recommend to everyone who asks where I got such a fresh product.

Knowing I’m running in Lincoln’s half-marathon next weekend with 13,500 other runners, I’m fairly confident there will be at least a few that want to know about the guy who has the cool green LED light armband 😉

Newest Accessories

armband extender strap

Armband Extender Strap. Made exclusively by request for customers. Only for people with bigger arms who are having problems with our standard armband length. 

armband extender strap
armband extender strap
armband extender strap
armband extender strap
armband extender strap